About Shortweird Radio


Shortweird Radio was a sketch comedy project I created and produced in 2002 which culminated in a 23-track comedy CD entitled “Got A Dime“. Greatly inspired by the insanity of the recordings of ‘The National Lampoon Radio Hour’, I wanted to put something together with some of my best friends (lucky my friends are this talented) and make a show for radio. So after an initial brunch meeting with the 12 castmembers at Maggie’s on College, it was in motion. We went off in separate directions to write, alone or in smaller groups, and within a few weeks the best sketches were selected to record. I self-financed the entire project, spending quite a lot more than I should have, spent weeks with the studio directing the final mix, and finally it was done and ready to be released! Click on over to the NOW magazine archive for a story about the 3-day CD launch at the Tim Sims Playhouse.

… (the cast) is a who’s who of the comedy scene… the disk is filled with treasures… | – Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine

This was just before podcasting became all the rage, so over the next 2 years rather than just keep on self-producing and podcasting on our own, I pitched the project as a radio series to several different radio networks and other major producers, all of whom passed for various reasons… some without so much as returning a phone call or acknowledging receipt of the demo. However, whenever I did get face-time with an executive, they were always positive and helpful. The best quotes I got from 2 different executives were:

  1. “This is funny 60% of the time… which is pretty good. I’d love to work on this with you!” (Then nothing happened.)
  2. “I can tell just by listening that this is really good. But I’m almost 50, and none of it struck me as funny. Maybe this says more about me than you. (laugh) So, uh… (long pause) What do you want to do with this?”

The ensemble kicked around a few years, coming together once in a while to do shows in various configurations at several Toronto comedy locations from 2003 to 2007. The cast consisted of 12 amazing and talented friends I’ve had the pleasure to know and work with over the years. This was really a labour of love, and years later (almost 10 years at this writing) some of this still makes me laugh out loud; hope you can say the same. I really want to send another thank you out to the cast – you were and are still awesome. Life goes by too fast and I don’t see any of you as often as I’d like to. Stay in touch! Head over to the Discography page and listen to it, and the 2014 follow-up “The Weirdening”.


All music was composed and recorded by Sean Fisher. Recorded and mixed by Julius Butty and Mike Palozzi at Media Fusion. Shortweird Radio was written and performed Marcel St. Pierre with: Sean Fisher | Kerry Griffin | Jessica Holmes | Scott McCrickard | Ginette Mohr | Rob Nardecchia | Jamillah Ross | Dave Tomlinson | Lex Vaughn | Tabetha Wells | Scott Yaphe and Mike Frolick, who provided the amazing voices and scripts for Lost Beatles Tapes.

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