Unlucky Caveman

Unlucky Caveman was a children’s series I created, wrote and produced for The Zone on YTV. The premise was simple. There’s this caveman named Thag. Like most of us, he gets up every day to go out into the world. Unlike most of us, he’s very unlucky. So unlucky, in fact, that every day, something happens that stops him from going out beyond his cave door.


From Kris to Caveman in an hour!

The incredibly fun and lovable transformation of actor Kris Siddiqi to Caveman was done by the amazing Debra Corbeil (who along with her husband is a world traveler – read her blog HERE!) took less than an hour and was just amazing. A little tease to Kris’ hair, add some bushy eyebrows and makeup and voila – instant cro-magnon!

We shot 34 episodes in total in one single day. The set was a simple cave opening with a greenscreen background built in the same small soundstage that has been the home for nearly 90 percent of all YTV productions from 1988 till 2010 – from Santa Calls, to The Breakfast Zone to It’s Alive to Brainwash to Snit Station  to Vortex and so many more.

The set and green screen

Props were assembled for each of the various episodes, and shooting began around 10 am. By 5 pm that afternoon, all the footage was in the can, and all that was left was a couple weeks’ worth of post-production.

The editing and special effects were done by Paul Hessel and post-audio by Pete Yake, two amazingly talented guys that really put their best into this and everything else they work on. Add a great opening and title sequence by Vince Robles and the rest is prehistory!

“Unlucky Caveman”
Hair & Makeup: Debra Corbeil
Set Design: Rui Santos
Graphics/Titles: Vince Robles
Editing and Special Effects: Paul Hessel
Post-Audio: Pete Yake
Created and written by: Marcel St. Pierre

One’s a time-traveling paleontologist. The other’s a caveman. Together, they’re Thag and The Man, Prehistoric Detectives!

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