Sponge & Stone

Sponge & Stonebutton2Sponge and Stone
were a pair of lovable misfits I created to run in YTV’s ‘Whoa‘ magazine, which was published by Paton Publishing in Toronto. The character designs were created from my descriptions by Chris Zammit, and the strip itself drawn by Steve Manale.

They came out of the idea of having two continually feuding characters with opposing catchphrases; “this sucks” and “this rocks”. The strip ran for nearly 8 years with it’s last appearance in early 2009.

While they’re currently in limbo, I do still toy with the idea of revamping these two little guys in some way… the idea of a daily 3-panel strip has crossed my mind a few times. And yes, there is indeed an animated tv series pitch making the rounds. Got any ideas? Drop me a note!

I’ll be randomly re-publishing the past installments of Sponge and Stone here on shortweird.com.

Sponge and Stone1

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