Press, Praise & Experience

“… devastatingly handsome…” is what some people have said.

“… smells of cinnamon…” say others.

“… emits a warm, calming glow…”

“… works by candlelight to save electricity…” are still more. But here, then, are what verifiable sources have said about Marcel:


… A good comedy host has to whet your appetite for the acts to come yet also hold his own. Some of the best include Simon Rakoff and Ted Basillion, Steve Patterson and Kenny Robinson. Marcel St. Pierre is a pretty decent MC, too… self-effacing but sharp… Best of Toronto 2005 | NOW | October 27

… among the best I’ve ever seen… (a) familiar face from the Second City stage… (his) Colonel Tigh characterization is so dead-on  that the actual actor, Michael Hogan, can just go ahead and retire. Or sue. Or both.
BattleAwesome AwesomeStar | Toronto Star | Oct 11, 2008
Battleawesome Awesomestar | BlogTO | Jan 19, 2009

… wicked sense of mischief and discovery… his contributions to… the improv community in Toronto are immeasurable… Bad Dog Theatre | News | Spotlight | Dec 4, 2012


… Marcel and I worked together at YTV for two years. He’s an extremely versatile writer who thinks very quickly on his feet. He possesses an excellent work ethic, a fantastic imagination and I would look forward to any opportunity to work with him again.
– Cathy Bond, Writer/Broadcaster (CBC,, Harper-Collins)


… Marcel is multi-talented, a delight to work with… While at the CBC he would write, direct and produce hilarious segments for The X and The Morgan Waters Show… whether supervising talent, or performing in the pieces he wrote I could always count on Marcel to deliver big laughs, and highly polished content…
– Martin Markle, Executive Producer, CBC Television


View PDF: Marcel St Pierre Writing_Producing Resume 2015
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