Endless Mulligans for Darth Vader

What if that horrible mistake you once made could be forever erased. What if you had an endless supply of do-overs? I don’t believe I’m alone in my revulsion for one of the final scenes of Star Wars Episode 3? Like Darth Vader himself, my inner film critic and Star Wars nerd also screamed “NNNnnoooooOOOoooo…!” at that piece of… film.

Well, what if we could change it? Make it better… or worse, maybe. But what if we had the option to experiment with it again, and again, and again?

If Darth Vader himself can have endless mulligans, then why should my book’s artwork be limited to just ONE cover? And that leads me to…


After weeks of having to twist my arms, my editor and the lovely folks over at yourbookpromoter.com  convinced me it was time to redesign my book cover. Sales were very slack, despite my embarking on a marketing campaign for it. Lots of clicks, but no bites. It was quite disheartening. I was a bit hard to coach, and the same advice had to come to me from different sources. Finally, as much as my heart was set on my original design, I know what we wound up with is better. A bit more striking. A bit more like the book, which doesn’t seem weird at first, but when you really look at it… well, you notice things. I do hope you’ll give it a try and click on over to Amazon to grab a copy, available for kindle or good old fashioned paperback!



In case you’re wondering what it looked like BEFORE?