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Endless Mulligans for Darth Vader

What if that horrible mistake you once made could be forever erased. What if you had an endless supply of do-overs? I don’t believe I’m alone in my revulsion for one of the final scenes of Star Wars Episode 3? Like Darth Vader himself, my inner film critic and Star Wars nerd also screamed “NNNnnoooooOOOoooo…!” at that piece of… film. Well, what if we could change it? Make it better… or worse, maybe. But what if we had the option to experiment with it again, Continue reading →

Book Review: “Be Awesome” by Stacey Ritz

It was going to happen soon. It had happened before. Don’t judge me. I was going to read another self-help book. A brief scan across one of my bookshelves has all the evidence you need. I’m an unrepentant, repeat self-help book reader. The Artist’s Way. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff. Emotional Intelligence. The Four Agreements. The Power Of Now. Calvin & Hobbes. Okay, maybe Calvin & Hobbes doesn’t quite fit the ‘self-help’ genre, but it’s apropos when you consider that Stacey Ritz, author of Be Continue reading →

The Lost Beatles Tapes?

I remember being in pyjamas, on the morning of Tuesday, Dec 9, 1980, eating cereal before getting ready to go to school and watching what must have been ‘Good Morning, America’ coverage of John Lennon’s assassination the night before. I would have been 13, and other than knowing ‘Yellow Submarine’ and ‘Octopus’ Garden’ were songs that had been used on Captain Kangaroo, I was pretty much in the dark about who The Beatles were, much less who John Lennon was. And yet, that day began Continue reading →